Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Brea doing her across the floor

Waiting patiently in line

Airplane arms

Attempt at a family pic

Josh and Harlee

Everyone loves Marie

Sweet little Harlee

My cute Nieces and Nephews

Ross Christmas Party

Kenna and Harlee

Nothing better than smashing hershey kisses on your face

Ugly Sweater Party

Festival of Trees

Me and my girls

Brea and Haisley

Brea loved being in the bubble

Firehouse Subs with the Hoens

My little Christmas Helpers

My sweet pea

I love sneaking these precious pictures of my baby girl

Justin working hard!

Brea and Harlee

Daddy and Brea

Brea helping daddy with the lights

Harlee and Ashtyn


Cold days at the park

Brea still loves the swings

Love my girls!!

Harlee Rae and Mommy

Little buddies

Brea and Harlee

My Snug bug

Harlee hated Santa

The Riverwoods

Love this face!!

Our festive lights!

Supporting Austin, GO TImpview!

My baby getting so big!!

As you can see we have stayed plenty busy around here during the holidays and soaking it all up!! I am sad that the holidays have come so fast and Christmas is almost here. I love this time of year and all the fun things we get to go do!! Every year gets more fun the older my girls get. I love holidays!! Brea had a little parent show the last few minutes of dance class last week and she did so good and loves dance every week. She gets better and better every week!! Harlee is starting to say more words like dada, mama, night night, and i sweat she says "Hot Dog" to sing along with the mickey mouse clubhouse song. She loves Mickey Mouse just like Brea does!!! I want to take them to Disney land again next year, i think they will love it even more!!! Harlee will be a year old in a few weeks. Where has the time gone!! I hate that my babies grow up so fast!!! Well i dont have much time to write but i just wanted to update some pics. Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Halloween and Cupcakes!!!!

My little butter ball!!

Giving loves

Brea, Jeneca, and Stacia as a man

All the kiddos on Halloween

Brooklyn, Lindsay, and Harlee

Beez and Harlee

My two little cupcakes!!

Blake and Brea doing funny faces!

Brooklyn and Brea once again being a sweet little friend!!

Trick or Treating

Kyson, Brea, and Blake

All the little girlies ready to Trick or Treat

Daddy and Harlee tagging along

Trick or Treat!!

Brea loved Trick or Treating this year and loved taking two candies out of each basket. She had a blast running house to house with the neighbors and then her cousins. Halloween was so much fun with my girls!!! I love it!!! I think Brea only ate candy for dinner that night, but thank goodness she forgot about the candy by the next morning. I loved Halloween this year, can't wait for many more to come!!!